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TXB0104: Understanding on output current driving strength spec.

Part Number: TXB0104

Hi Team,

I saw multiple e2e thread that the output current driving strength of TXB0104 is +/-20uA. I'd like to ask several questions regarding this spec.

1. I believe that +/-20uA is only a guaranteed value by TI but actually TXB0104 may be able to drive more current. Is it correct?

2. I guess the positive current indicates the current flow from the external device into TXB0104 and the negative current indicates the current flow from the TXB0104 to the external devices. Is it correct?

3. In datasheet, Continuous output current is indicated -50 to 50 mA. Could you help me to understand the huge discrepancy between +/-50mA and +/-20uA?


  • Hi Ella,

    1) Yes that is correct.

    2) Yes that is correct.

    3) Recommended currents are provided that will maintain valid logic levels. The more current the device sinks or source will cause the output High and Low levels to offset more and more from VCC and GND. This is why you will always see current conditions with VOL/VOH specs. This device has a series resistor (4kohm) at the I/O which will cause a large voltage drop which is why the recommended current is in uA. The abs max current limitation is the amount of current that can be output before catastrophic failure (likely caused by heat).

    I would like to note, this devices should only be used for its auto-direction level shifting and not to be used as some sort of buffering device.