CD4047B: Operating Temperature and Power Dissipation

Part Number: CD4047B

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My customer is confused with CD4047B operating temperature and power dissipation. Please refer to the detail question as below.

1. For operating temperature, what does the notice at the bottom of the table mean? For 10Mohm resistor, is it the resistor at pin2? Does this mean if 15V supply is used, only 10Mohm resistor will limit the temperature range, for other resistor values, like 8.2k, CD4047B can still work at full temperature range(-55~125)?

2. For power dissipation vs. temperature, does this mean at higher temperature range(100~125), power dissipation will decrease at -12W/C, at will be 200mW @125?

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  • This device was acquired from Harris. What is written in the datasheet is all information that is available now.

    1. The device will not be damaged. But with very high resistor values, the current is so small that leakage currents and other errors affect the accuracy; see figure 25.

    2. Yes. At 101 °C, the limit is 488 mW, at 102 °C, 476 mW, and so on.