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[FAQ] What is the maximum junction temperature (TJMAX) for a device?

FAQ: Logic and Voltage Translation > Power and Thermals >> Current FAQ

The vast majority of logic devices do not list a maximum junction temperature (TJ(max)) on the datasheet.

For logic devices, TJ(max) is equal to the maximum storage temperature (Tstg(max)) as listed in the Absolute Maximum Ratings table of the datasheet, unless otherwise specified. This value is typically 150°C.

IIf the device is operated at its maximum datasheet ratings for ambient temperature and output power, the junction temperature will likely still be far below the maximum allowable value. If you are interested in learning more about power dissipation in logic devices, please read our application report entitled CMOS Power Consumption and Cpd Calculation.

TJ(max) is not intended to override any other datasheet maximum value, but is included as an additional restriction. For example, a device may be able to output 200mA of current and remain below the TJ(max), however the device likely also has a maximum current rating that must be observed or it may be damaged.