SN74LVC138A: SN74LVC138AD TMAG5170-Q1

Part Number: SN74LVC138A
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMAG5170-Q1, , TMP121

Hi Team,

We are using two TI parts for our design as below

(3 in Nos)SN74LVC138AD and TMAG5170-Q1(40 in Nos) (ibis models sn74lvc138a.ibs and tmp121.ibs respectively)

The CS signals connects from between them. From  SN74LVC138AD to two TMAG5170-Q1. One of the length goes upto 14in.

There are actually 40sensors used in row. While CS connects two at a time.

The mode that I have has high switching. Can anyone let me know if I am using correct model? Is it expected?
Also the solution for this connectivity

Thanks in advance.