TXS02612: not reaching 2V at 50MHz using IBIS model

Part Number: TXS02612

Hello team,

We are Using the TXS02612 on a design to translate from 1.8V to 3.3V and we are using the txs02612.ibs IBIS model dated 6/18/2012. And have a question, some design details are below:

Frequency is rated up to 60MHz on Clock and Data.

Output clock CLKB1 using “clkb_3p3     3.3V  digital output” driver works well at 50MHz


Issue is when I simulate DATA using ‘a_cmd_1p8’ model on A bus or ‘b_cmd_3p3’ model on B bus. Drivers are slow and not reaching 2V at 50MHz in Slow/typical corners.

I have to slow down to ~20MHz to make it pass.

Please let me know if there’s an updated IBIS model or if the IBIS is not representative of the real part. (or if this is expected)

  • Hey Michael,

    Unfortunately, IBIS isn't able to truly model TXS devices. These devices have a passive architecture in conjunction with an edge rate accelerator making it difficult for an IBIS model to simulate. Since the device performs passive translation, the maximum data rate will actually be determined by the push pull driver that is driving the 'Input' (plus any capacitive loading that will limit this).