TMDX570LC43HDK: Accessing TMDX570LC43HDK PCB Layout Files in Altium Designer

Part Number: TMDX570LC43HDK
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I am using Altium Designer 20 for a project based on the TMS570LC4357, and I am trying to import the PCB layout provided by TI for the TMDX570LC43HDK (TMDX570LC43HDK Layout Design Files SPNR037.ZIP) without success. It seems that the only way that Altium Designer is able to import Allegro design files requires an installation of the Allegro software, which I do not have access to, so any attempt to open or import the .pcb file fails. I've searched the forums on this topic, and I have not seen a proposed solution that works with the tools I have available. Can the PCB layout be provided in a format that Altium Designer 20 is able to import? Thanks!