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My request is in regard of Hercules MCU software library:


For our new project we need a library that will work in “IAR functional safety compiler v8.5 “. Current Library version of:

Version: 02.01.01

Release date: 22-OCT-2014

…was build using generic ARM compiler and only works in IAR v7.x due to different w_char size and function calls.


Can you please provide me with one of the following:

  1. Prebuild library that will work in IAR FS v8.5 (preferably build using IAR)
  2. If above is problematic please hare a “source code” for the lib so that we can build the lib here
  3. If this all above fails please provide me with other means of controlling Hercules flash under IAR 8.5 FS
  • Hi Calex,

    We provide the Flash API library AS IS, don't have plan to update.

    TI does not normally distribute the source code. The reason for this is modifying the code can potentially impact the flash in the devices. A modified API must not be used in an application. For creating a flash programming solution, the flash API library must be used as provided by TI.

    In situations where the user has a justifiable and legitimate need for the source code for certification purposes, it can be provided under a signed license agreement with TI.