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MSP432-RTOS: Troubles merging two projects for use with MSP432P401R

Part Number: MSP432-RTOS
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3120MOD, BOOSTXL-AUDIO, CC3120


I am working on a college project where I want to use the CC3120MOD along with the BOOSTXL-AUDIO to wirelessly transmit sampled audio data using an MSP432P401R. I will attach all the projects I reference here in an archived file below.

I'm going to give some context here to the project and problem, but I am mainly looking for answers on using some code meant for a noRTOS project inside of a TI-RTOS project. I want to know if I can easily use IRQs declared by an interrupt vector originally from a noRTOS project in the context of a TI-RTOS project. I am trying to do this because I haven't successfully been able to sample the BOOSTXL-AUDIO board using TI-RTOS on the MSP432P401R myself, but I have found example code with a library that is specifically for the MSP432P401R and the BOOSTXL-AUDIO that uses noRTOS.

Any way that I can sample the BOOSTXL-AUDIO in `a TI-RTOS project would generally solve the problem I am having here. As an alternative, if I can use the CC3120 in a noRTOS project, that would also solve my issues.

I have two projects working independently. One is example code provided by WPI which samples the BOOSTXL-AUDIO. This is a noRTOS project using their open-source boostxl library ( The other is a custom TI-RTOS program that streams raw UDP data using the CC3120MOD. I have a lot of experience using the CC3120 with TI-RTOS, but I have no previous experience working on noRTOS projects with the MSP432 .

I have NOT successfully gotten the code from the example project to work inside of a new TI-RTOS project. The functions called in the msp432_boostxl_lib library link and build correctly, but IRQs (declared in the library) are never triggered. I understand that in the example code (dsp_I2_interrupt) there is a file called "system_msp432p401r.c" where interruptVectors is declared. This is how normal noRTOS projects handle interrupts, right? I have seen this before but never worked on projects using them. If this file is how the IRQs declared in the library are linked to a project, can I simply copy this file into the TI-RTOS project to make the IRQs work properly?

Is there an easier way to approach this outside of using SYSCFG and rewriting a lot of these functions?

Any advice on where to go from here would be great.