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TMS570LS3137: FEE - Two Active Virtual Sectors Error

Part Number: TMS570LS3137
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: HALCOGEN


We are using Fee driver configured using Halcogen. The configuration that's been used is, Two Virtual Sectors on four physical sectors - Single EEPROM. 
Both the VS are in active state now and during the initialisation we get Error_TwoActiveVS.  

What could be the possibility for this error to occur ? 

Note : We went through the User Guide - its stated that - With the latest/modified design, Error_TwoActiveVS  will not occur

  • Hi Javish,

    You are correct, the two virtual sectors should not be active simultaneously.

    If there is insufficient space in the current Virtual Sector to update the data, it switches over to the next Virtual Sector and copies all the valid data from the other Data Blocks in the current Virtual Sector to the new one. After copying all the valid data, the current Virtual Sector is marked as ready for erase and the new one is marked as Active Virtual Sector. Any new data is now written into the new Active Virtual Sector and the Virtual Sector which is marked as ready for erase will be erased in background.

    Is your FEE driver generated by the latest HALCOGen 4.07.01?

  • Hi Wang, 

    Thanks for your response. 

    Yes Fee driver was generated using Halcogen 4.07.01

  • Hi Javish,

    If the FEE driver is from HAL 4.07.01, the Error_TwoActiveVS  should not occur.

  • Hi Wong, 

    With the FEE driver generated from HAL 4.07.01, the Error_TwoActiveVS has occurred quite a few times. 

    We wanted to understand, under what scenarios this could happen. 

  • Hi Javish,

    Can I have more detailed info about your FEE configuration?

    1. Virtual sector size

    2. # of blocks, and total size of the data blocks

    3. Is FEE operation called in your interrupt ISR?

    4. Any power-cycling while performing FEE operation?

    5. can you save FEE memory content (in COFF format) and share with us?

  • Hi Wang, 

    We have used the TI_Fee_ErrorRecovery() to recover from the error. Since it has happened quite a few times, we are trying to understand the root cause for this error now. 

    1. Two virtual sectors ok 32K each 
    2. 102 blocks - Total Size is 10155 Bytes
    3. Yes FEE operations are called in ISR
    4. No power-cycle during the FEE Operation  
    5. Since we have used the TI_Fee_ErrorRecovery() and recovered form the error - the states of the VS are proper now.
        Do you still want the Memory log ?   

  • I don't know what causes this error. Since the issue has been resolved, you don't need to upload the memory content. Thanks.