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AM2634: PINMUX: supported GPMC + ETH pinmux options?

Part Number: AM2634
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AM2632, SYSCONFIG


Customer is trying to enable both GPMC0 (Pseudo-SRAM) and ETH in the pinmux tool.
Unfortunately there are not much valid configuration available.
-Can you please help with the below?
-Could you share a config example using the cloud pinmux (

If I use the interface GPMC0, I have a direct collision of outputs with the MII interface, regardless of whether MII1 or MII2.
Used I/O GPMC0:
MII interface:
With the MII2 interface, I even have more than the marked pins as collision.
I currently cannot find a way to use these two interfaces (GPMC & MII).
May I ask you for support?

Thanks in advance,

  • Hello,

    Due to the high pin requirements of the GPMC module it looks like using GPMC + CPSW Ethernet will be not possible (even with a reduced pin GPMC interface).

    However, it may be possible to implement an applicable Ethernet interface via ICSSM while still having access to any necessary GPMC signals for PSRAM.

    Best Regards,

    Zackary Fleenor

  • Hi Zackary,

    Thanks. This means that an high end version of the AM263x (like AM2632, AM2634..etc) is needed.
    -Can you please point us to the PRU-ICSS firmware for standard ETH?
    -In which SDK is it provided today?

    -Are there any of the Eval cards available today (TMDSCNCD263 / LP-AM263 or may be AM64xx eval cards) that have both GPMC + PRU-ICSS ETH interface available today?
    If yes it could be used as a starting point.
    -Are the pinmux file for those boards available?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hey Anber,

    1) PRU-ICSS firmware for standard ETH can be found at the link below and is a standard part of all MCU+SDK's.

    2.A) Yes, the HSEC and AM64x/AM243x GPEVM have connectivity options to support the GPMC interface.

    2.B) I will check availability of EVM .syscfg file. Note that the .pinmux file is obsolete and no longer supported.

  • Anber,

    -Are there any of the Eval cards available today (TMDSCNCD263 / LP-AM263 or may be AM64xx eval cards) that have both GPMC + PRU-ICSS ETH interface available today?

    We are actively working on an AM263x-CC compatible dock that will break out the GPMC signals, and still allow for the mentioned ethernet interface.  This will be available in the future.



  • Hi Brennan, Hi Zachary,

    Decision to use (or not) AM2634 needs to be taken in the next days and one key decision factor is to have ETH + Full GPMC.
    No decision can be taken before customer as 100% confidence that this combination is supported.

    -Could you share a Cloud based Sysconfig file/link that would show ETH + Full GPMC option?
    From what I have tried so far on the Cloud sysconfig I always get a conflict whatever MII (MII vs RGMII vs RMII) option I choose.

    It is good to know that we will have an AM263x-CC compatible dock board with GPMC but we need to have info right now on how this is achieved.
    Ideally customer would use the exact same pin-mux option.

    Thanks in advance,


  • After further review, we have confirmed this combination cannot be supported. Unfortunately the GPMC interface has to many pin requirements and results in pin conflicts when using any AM263x ETH options (CPSW/ICSS).