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TMS570LS0432: How to change the het port in the rtiBlinky Example code?

Part Number: TMS570LS0432


I'm try to demo  rtiBlinky Example, and it can work in the hetport1 pin 0.

But now I want to change the pin to pin2 or else pin how to do that?

And if I want to change hetport to gioport gioPORTA how to modify?

I think,I should modify this line: gioSetPort(hetPORT1, gioGetPort(hetPORT1) ^ 0x00000001);

but i have no idea.

  • Hi Kuanlei,

    /* Toggle HET pin 0 */
    gioSetPort(hetPORT1, gioGetPort(hetPORT1) ^ 0x00000001);

    /* Toggle HET pin 1 */
    gioSetPort(hetPORT1, gioGetPort(hetPORT1) ^ 0x00000002);

    /* Toggle HET pin 2 */
    gioSetPort(hetPORT1, gioGetPort(hetPORT1) ^ 0x00000004);

    /* Toggle GIOA[0]  */
    gioSetPort(gioPORTA, gioGetPort(gioPORTA) ^ 0x00000001);

    /* Toggle GIOB[3]  */
    gioSetPort(gioPORTB, gioGetPort(gioPORTB) ^ 0x00000008);