TMDSCNCD28P65X: debug session cannot start due to an error regarding flash erasing

Part Number: TMDSCNCD28P65X



1. i get the following error :

"error erasing bank 0 FMSTAT (STATCMD on some devices) value = 65 . operation canceled"

i am running my program only on CPU1

i have tried to debug on CPU1 only , both , with CLA , without... tried  all combination 

what is wierd is that this project is a copy of another which i have debugged sucessfuly 30 minutes ago 

i tried to erase flash , check for locking etc and all seems to be fine 

i have copied the changes i did in source files & header files to the old project (old in 30 minutes ) and debug session is working fine 

2. at "debug configuration " in device selection two new thing appeared . can you please tell me what it is . the ones that are marked in the image 

i really need to understand this issue (speically the first ) before going to production 

thanks and have a good day