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MSP430FR6007: msp430fr6007 and usb

Part Number: MSP430FR6007

I am using an msp430fr6007 and have just been advised by vendor that the device I wanted to use is available with a usb interface only!!  Think naughty words - lots of them!!

What is the easy way to do this??  I would think I'll have to add hardware to do this and the software could be the proverbial female dog.  Any help and or hints would be greatly appreciated!!!


Bob Scott



  • Hi Bob Scott

    Sorry, I didn't understand your question.

    Could you please explain your question directly?


  • Sorry - replied via email rather than on forum.  I am not at all certain it got through and I do need info.

    Have a design using msp430fr6007.  A nice little embedded controller application and perfect for the cpu.  Unfortunately, I am told it needs a magnetic insert stripe reader which is available only with a usb interface (I have not verified this).  The reader is, I am sure, a slave device.


    Assuming what I have been told about the stripe reader is correct, I will need to have a usb host to drive the reader.  My question(s) (many I am sure), is how to best go about this.  From the little reading I have done (got this dropped on my late yesterday), the msp430 parts do not support usb host???


    Any help, suggestions and the like will be GREATLY appreciated.  And thank you for your response!





  • Hi Bob

    >> the msp430 parts do not support usb host???

    MSP430 devices don't support USB host feature.

    if you need Ultrasonic Sensing (USS) feature of F6007, i recommend you can consider adding the bridge IC between SPI to USB.


  • What is a suggested bridge ic to create the host channel??  And thanks for your response.

    In this case, the slave usb device would be an insertion type mag stripe reader.

    Again all help greatly appreciated

  • Never mind - Simpliest way is to avoid usb entirely which we will be doing.  I greatly appreciate the help in any case.  Regards Bob

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