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please help! msp430fr5729 consumes >100uA in LPM3 mode

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I'm debugging a firmware provided by a customer claiming there is current leak while the system is in sleep mode, to eliminate this is caused by the peripherals on the board,  electrically all the components on the boards are removed, only thing left is the msp430fr5729.  To be sure, I have also stripped out all the codes communicating with the peripherals, the code is as follows.  

At this point, while the msp430fr5729 in LPM3 mode, the current consumption of the board is still >100 micro A. I have to believe this is all consumed by the msp430f5729, but specs states should be around 1 micro A range. 

void systemInit(void)
    // Startup clock system in max. DCO setting ~8MHz
    // This value is closer to 10MHz on untrimmed parts
    CSCTL0_H = 0xA5; // Unlock register
    CSCTL1 |= DCOFSEL0 + DCOFSEL1; // Set max. DCO setting
    CSCTL2 = SELA_1 + SELS_3 + SELM_3; // set ACLK = vlo; MCLK = DCO
    CSCTL3 = DIVA_0 + DIVS_0 + DIVM_0; // set all dividers
    CSCTL0_H = 0x01; // Lock Register
int main(void)
  systemInit(); // Init the Board
  while(1) {
    __bis_SR_register(LPM3_bits + GIE);
  return 0;

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