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MSP430F674x can be used for PZ100B board?

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Hi all,

Now I would use 100pin-MSP430F674x.

In product folder, It it recommend to use 128pin socke, not 100pin.


And Checking the Hardware tools user's guide,it is likely that PZ100B can be supported F67xx.

MSP430 Hardware Tools User's Guide

Table 1-2. Individual Kit Contents, MSP-TS430xx

It was actually able to write and load with suitable jumper setting(AUXVCC).

Is it correct?

Can F674x be used for PZ100B?


best regards.


  • Hi,

    Typically we would recommend that for prototyping/development purposes you would use a device in the 128 pin package with the msp-ts430peu128 target board, because that is the board specifically designed for this part. We do not have a target socket EVM for every package variant for every device, so we recommend you start with the superset device in the package that goes with the recommended target board for all evaluation purposes. Then when you develop your own board you can switch to whatever package that you would like to use.

    This target socket board msp-ts430pz100b you are asking about is intended for use with MSP430F6736. While the device is similar to MSP430F6747 in the 100 pin package these devices are not 100% pin compatible. They have some differences, a few of which I’ve listed below. You might be able to use this board, but it is a bit risky – there are several places where if a jumper is connected in the wrong position, you could cause a major problem (like a short btwn vcc & gnd) and damage your device.

    I've listed a couple of key areas below:

    In particular, one dangerous difference is that the VCORE pin is in a different location.

    • On F6736, VCORE is on pin 23 – and because the target MSP-TS430PZ100B board is designed for this device, that is where the board has placed the 470nF Vcore cap.

    •  On F6747 that the customer uses, the VCORE pin is on pin 26.  On the target board, this has the AUXVCC3 connections here. The 470nF cap is provided on this pin, but you would need to be very careful that the AUXVCC3 jumper is never set to where it could connect this pin to Vcc or to Gnd, as that could cause major problems. Vcore is essential for correct operation of the device.

    Another dangerous difference is pin 18:

    • On F6736 this is AUXVCC2 and target board has a jumper could connect it to Vcc or GND or open

    • On F6747, pin 18 is AVSS1 and should be connected to GND. So you would have to be really careful here as well that the jumper does not get connected to Vcc, which would cause a short btwn Vcc and Gnd.

     There are some other places you could have issues – for example, pin 74 on F6736 is DVSYS and has a cap network on it – on F6747, this is a GPIO with muxed SD24 and LCD functions. Pin 8 is connected to AVSS on F6736 but is an SD24 pin on F6747 – so you couldn’t use that pin function either. So these could interfere with some functions in your application.

    Please do not consider this a comprehensive list. I have listed these major concerns to help you see that there are risks with using this setup. Before choosing any course of action I strongly recommend that you do a very thorough comparison of the pinout of F6736, F6747, and MSP-TS430PZ100B board.



  • Hi Katie,

    Thank you for reply.

    It is helpful for us.

    In your advice,I cheked each port F674x and PZ100B as below:

    1)AVCC on F674x connect to VCC ->JP11:AUXVCC1 on PZ100B short 1-2.
    2)AVSS on F674x connect to GND ->JP12:AUXVCC2 on PZ100B short 2-GND.
    3)Vcore on F674x is open ->JP13:AUXVCC3 on PZ100B is open

    So that Programming is successful!

    So,It seems that  programming which means JTAG 4-wire connect,Erase ,Write and Verify is Pass.

    Is there any notice or checkpoint to ensure programming more btwn F674x and PZ1000B-socket-board?

    best regards,


  • Hi kyt,

    The programming is likely correct with this configuration. However, if you are planning to use these target boards for mass production programming, I think this is risky because all it would take for a major issue would be for the technician doing the programming to have one of these jumpers set wrong ro to not realize one of these is set wrong. If you are planning on doing production programming in this way, I would strongly recommend you to spin your own board with this 100 pin socket on it and the correct connections for the F674x device to minimize risk.