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unable to access the 0x00a0 address and ensure proper serial monitor is running on target

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I am using MSP-FET Debugger to programme the MSP430F5259 based customised controller card.

while i am using the default USB port for debugger,

It is saying that "unable to find the controller"

while i am using the msp application UART and communication UART as "Uart communication"

it is saying that "unable to access the 0x00a0 address and ensure proper serial monitor is running on target

  • So you are using a custom-built board and not a TI-provided EVM like the MSP-TS430RGC64C or LaunchPad? Would it be possible to provide a schematic? I assume you are trying to use the CCS serial monitor, have you ever been able to successfully communicate with the target device in the past? Can you provide more information concerning your UART communication setup, such as what hardware you've implemented for backchannel UART communication with the PC (like the eZ-FET)?

  • Thank you for your reply, 

    we are trying to use our custom -built board on MSP430F5259 and the schematics were already reviewed by TI team.

    This is first time, we are using the MSP430 environment.

    After connecting the MSP-FET through USB(JTAG 14-pin on custom build target board) to PC, we are able to see two serial communication ports in Device Manager as,

    Application port  & debug port.

    can you please specify any document to use MSP-FET with CCS.

    we are not aware of backchannel UART communication with the PC.

    waiting for your prompt reply....

  • I thought you were only using the MSP-FET for programming and debugging purposes, but from your last post I now understand that you are using its built-in backchannel UART for communication as well. I would still appreciate to have the schematic for my own reference. The following are the CCS for MSP430, MSP Debuggers, and MSP430 Hardware Tools User's Guides:

    You should attempt to communicate with the CCS serial monitor through the application COM port.


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