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EVM430-FR6047: How to communicate with the USS Design Center GUI through UART instead of I2C?

Part Number: EVM430-FR6047

How to communicate with the USS Design Cente GUI r through UART instead of I2C? Referencing the water Flow Meter Quick Start Guide (slau810), it says this must occur through i2c:

I believe this requirement only exists as the guide has you load up a precompiled executable. I have access to the project and have been able to be build and upload without issue. I have found a config option in comm_config.h whee you can change the default communication inteface. I have changed it to the UART:

I recompiled and build and uploaded fine. I also re-positioned the J1 jumpers from I2c (COMM_IRQ, COMM_SDA, and COMM_SCL) to UART (RXD and TXD). I then connected the GUI but received no data back. I've tested with I2c and I receive data.

What step am I missing?

Is what I'm attempting possible? 

  • Hi Craig,

    The GUI must be configured to work with UART and this is not an option in the current GUI.  You could enable the UART and interface with another host controller or hyperterminal.  If you have Design Center installed in the default location, you can find the communication protocol details in the directory below.




    There is also some simple UART code we have in the template project which just outputs data.  The readme.html in the directory below details the UART usage.




  • I figure as much. Thank you. Another questions you may know the answer to: What is the format of the fixed point values:

    typedef struct _USS_Algorithms_Results_fixed_point_
    USS_message_code messageCode;
    int32_t iq44DeltaTOF;
    //!< Delta Time Of Flight calculation result
    int32_t iq40TotalTOF_UPS;
    //!< Upstream total Time Of Flight calculation result
    int32_t iq40TotalTOF_DNS;
    //!< Downstream total Time Of Flight calculation result
    int32_t iq16VolumeFlowRate;
    //!< Volume flow rate calculation result

    base off the documentation, I took iq16 to imply binary fixed point with 16 fractional values, but this illogical for iq44, and iq40. NEED SOME CLARITY HERE! Thanks!

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