MSP430FR6047: UART in ultrasonic program, use low power mode

Part Number: MSP430FR6047
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F5528

I want to change the communication in the MSP430FR6047EVM_USS_Water_Demo from I2C to UART. For now it should just send the same informations to my terminal program as it does to the GUI.

I already changed the bit-setting in comm_config.h and set the power mode of the whole project to "Disable_LPM" by manipulating the properties. Unfortunately I am still not able to receive UART-signals and the board is not sending anything to the COMM_RXD or TXD jumper eather.

When I debug the program it gets stuck in 'commonTimerWaitEvent'. The lpmMode is lpm0 but the debugger does not find GIE. Maybe this information is helpful.

In Properties->Debug->Misc/Other Options 'Allow power transitions while running if suported (low power running)' is set and I am not able to uncheck the box. Is it necessary to uncheck it?

Are my settings correct and what do I also have to change?

Furthermore I have a problem with debugging when I try it with the Flash Emulation Tool. The emulation tool led-signals always switch between mode and power and the EVM tries to display the 'FLOW RATE IN LPH' but retries always after displaying 'FL'. Is there a problem with the power connection? I used the JTAG power.

Thanks for your help