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[FAQ] What information does TI need to help with learning/accuracy/operation related questions?

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To most efficiently help debug State of Charge accuracy issues, or problems encountered during the learning cycle process, there is some information we will almost always request.

  1. The GPCCHEM report and data submitted. This will let us confirm if you have uploaded the correct chemistry ID for the battery used, or if a chemistry ID with error too high (over 3% max DoD error) was used.
  2. A .gg file from before and after the learning cycle or accuracy test. This lets us compare the settings used, and check any learned data (like Qmax and the Ra table values) from before the cycle started.
  3. A log of the full learning cycle or test. This lets us see what bits are set at what points during the test. It also lets us see if the correct discharge current, rest periods, passed charge, etc was used for learning.

If this information is provided it will allow TI to give faster suggestions to resolve the issue.