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[FAQ] Are there sample CCS projects to help me start TI-RTOS or bare-metal development for AM335x/AM437x devices?

Part Number: AM3358

I’m going to do TI-RTOS / bare-metal development for AM335x/AM437x devices. Does TI offer sample projects which can help me get started? For example, a sample project on how to blink an LED or how to use UART for debug tracing would be very helpful. If there are such sample projects, where can I get them?

  • Yes, we have such sample projects in the AM335x and AM437x Processor SDK offerings. Please follow steps given below to create the sample projects (using AM437x SDK as an example). These steps are for Windows 10, but the general procedure applies for Linux as well.

    1. Download the Processor SDK RTOS (AM335x or AM437x) and install it. The subsequent steps assume the SDK is installed to C:\ti. Please note that multiple packages contained in the SDK will be installed, as shown below:
    2. Download and install the Code Composer Studio (CCS) from here.
    3. Start CCS and install all the components (products) of the SDK. CCS should automatically detect those components when it starts up.
    4. If CCS doesn’t detect the components, go to CCS > Window > Preferences > Code Composer Studio > Products and click Refresh. CCS should find those components. If the Processor SDK is installed in a different folder than C:\ti, that folder needs to be added to Product discovery path.
    5. Run PDK projects generation scripts to generate the example projects:
      1. Setup environment by running script pdksetupenv.bat:
      2. Open pdkProjectCreate.bat and change CCS version to what’s actually installed. For example,
        if not defined CCS_INSTALL_PATH (
            set CCS_INSTALL_PATH=C:/ti/ccs1020/ccs
      3. Run script pdkProjectCreate.bat ( please read the top part of this script for detailed instructions) to generate the sample projects:
        C:\ti\pdk_am437x_1_0_17\packages> pdkProjectCreate.bat AM437x
      4. The generated CCS projects are located at: C:\ti\pdk_am437x_1_0_17\packages\MyExampleProjects
    6. Import an example project to CCS:
      1. Go to CCS > Project > Import CCS Projects …
      2. Enter the example project folder path to search-directory as shown below. Then click Finish.
    7. Build the imported project: in CCS Project Explorer, right click the imported project and the click Build Project.

    For more information, please refer to the Processor SDK RTOS documentation on PDK example project creation.