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AM3359: MPU frequency on AM3359 ICEv2 with PSDK RTOS

Part Number: AM3359
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS65910A, TMDXICE3359



Just want to confirm. What’s the MPU frequency of AM3359 on AM3359 ICEv2 with PSDK RTOS ? I found some descriptions. One mentions 800MHz, but another mentions 1GHz.




  • Hello Hideaki,

    The AM3359 ICEv2 has AM3359BZCZA80. According to the AM3359 data sheet, Table 5-7, the MPU can operate up to 1GHz, depending on VDD_MPU setting:

    Then according to AM3359 ICEv2 Hardware User's Guide, Table 1 - AM3359 Power Supplies From TPS65910A, the VDD_MPU is set to 1.1 V:

    This means the MPU operates at either 600MHz or 300MHz according to the data sheet, depending on whether the AM3359 is a AM335__ZCZ_60 (600MHz) or  AM335__ZCZ_30 (300MHz) speed grade. For that, I'm not able to find the exact information, but I would assume a higher speed grade is used here, i.e. the MPU operates at 600MHz.



  • Hi Jianzhong,

    Thank you for your response. We'd like to know the default MPU clock set in the Processor SDK RTOS for AM3359 ICEv2. Could you tell us it ?

    Thanks and regards,
    Hideaki Matsumoto

  • The default is 600MHz. If you connect the board using CCS, the GEL file initializes the clock to 600MHz. Please refer to ccs<version>\ccs\ccs_base\emulation\boards\ice_am3359\gel\TMDXICE3359.gel, 

       MPU_PLL_Config(  CLKIN, 0, 25, 1);			// 600 MHz
       CORE_PLL_Config( CLKIN, 2, 125, 10, 8, 4);
       DDR_PLL_Config(  CLKIN, 2, 50, 1);			// 400 MHz
       PER_PLL_Config(  CLKIN, 9, 400, 5);
       DISP_PLL_Config( CLKIN, 0, 2, 1);
       GEL_TextOut("****  AM335x ALL ADPLL Config for OPP == OPP100 is Done ......... \n","Output",1,1,1);

    If you use the SBL in PDK, please refer pdk_am335x_1_0_17\packages\ti\starterware\bootloader\src\am335x\sbl_am335x_platform_pll.c, 

        SblPlatformPllMpuInit(mpuDpllMult, mpuDpllDiv, mpuDpllPostDivM2);

    The multiplier and divider used by the SBL are the same as used in the GEL file. So it also configures the MPU clock to 600MHz.