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AM5748: dtimer period issue

Part Number: AM5748

Hello Champs,

RT-linux: ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-am57xx-evm-

Customer tested DMtimer according to below link.

1. System Clock is 20Mhz, when running below code, the timer is 2s. 

priv->timer_ptr = omap_dm_timer_request_by_node(priv->dm_node);

/* Set the Clock source to the SystemClock *
omap_dm_timer_set_source(priv->timer_ptr, OMAP_TIMER_SRC_SYS_CLK);

/* Set prescaler to 1:1 */
omap_dm_timer_set_prescaler(priv->timer_ptr, 0); 
/* Determine what IRQ the timer triggers *
priv->timer_irq = omap_dm_timer_get_irq(priv->timer_ptr);

/* Setup the IRQ handler *
ret = request_irq(priv->timer_irq, zhx_timer_irq_handler, IRQF_TIMER, DRIVER_NAME, priv);

system clock is 

/* Get the Clock rate in Hz */
timer_clk = omap_dm_timer_get_fclk(priv->timer_ptr);
priv->timer_rate = clk_get_rate(timer_clk);

priv->owner = task_pid_nr(current); //得到pid号
priv->current_task = pid_task(find_vpid(priv->owner), PIDTYPE_PID); //pid_task( )---根据pid获取task_struct

omap_dm_timer_set_int_enable(priv->timer_ptr, OMAP_TIMER_INT_OVERFLOW); //使能溢出中断

When timer started, he configured priv->timer_ratio = arg; and then set the initialized value to timer. Timer will count from the initialized value, when it counts to 0x0xffffffff, it will count from the initialized value again.
omap_dm_timer_set_load_start(priv->timer_ptr, 1, 0xffffffff - (priv->timer_ratio * priv->timer_rate));


The priv->timer_rate from clk_get_rate() is 20M (printed by printk), it means the system clock is 20MHz. But when priv->timer_ratio is 1, 0xffffffff - priv->timer_rate, the timer period should be 1s, why it is still 2s?



  • Hi Shine,

    The 2 seconds looks correct to me for a priv->timer_ratio value of 1. The timer_rate  value of 20,000,000 in normal operations is 1 second. This is incremented for every 2 cycles if you set and enable the prescaler value of 0 (it is not 1:1). The formula is 2^(value+1), so a prescale value of 0 is equivalent of counter increments every 2 cycles. Please see the GPTimer Register Manual chapter in the TRM, specifically the TCLR.PTV filed description.   

    What time do you see if you comment out the omap_dm_timer_set_prescale() code?



  • Hi Suman,

    Thanks for your help. Customer has resolved his problem by using below red highlighted equation.