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PROCESSOR-SDK-AM64X: Processor-SDK-AM64x 8.1 ADC



In the Processor-SDK 8.1 for AM64x, the ADC kernel module seems to be an old one from AM335x. modprobe fails.

The SDK 8.1 Document for AM64x

mentioned only AM335x related boards.

Is the ADC driver in the release plan of the next Processor-SDK for AM64x?



  • Hello Junshu,

    Did you modify the device tree files? 

    When I look at the Processor SoC DTSI files, I see the same ADC node defined as what you would find for AM335x & AM65x:


            tscadc0: tscadc@28001000 {
                    compatible = "ti,am654-tscadc", "ti,am3359-tscadc";
                    reg = <0x00 0x28001000 0x00 0x1000>;
                    interrupts = <GIC_SPI 96 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
                    power-domains = <&k3_pds 0 TI_SCI_PD_EXCLUSIVE>;
                    clocks = <&k3_clks 0 0>;
                    assigned-clocks = <&k3_clks 0 0>;
                    assigned-clock-parents = <&k3_clks 0 3>;
                    assigned-clock-rates = <60000000>;
                    clock-names = "adc_tsc_fck";
                    adc {
                            #io-channel-cells = <1>;
                            compatible = "ti,am654-adc", "ti,am3359-adc";

    The device tree nodes in these dtsi files are enabled by default. But if we check the AM64x GP EVM board file, we see that the ADC is reserved out of the box (with the assumption that an R5F core is using the ADC):


    &tscadc0 {
            /* ADC is reserved for R5 usage */
            status = "reserved";

    So as a part of your steps for using the ADC from the Linux core, you would need to change the device tree status.

    I will file a ticket with the software team to add AM64x to the SDK documentation and the bindings documentation at Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/ti-tsc-adc.txt