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Use multiplexed GP0[15:8] after HPI boot process

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we do have a question regarding the multiplexed GP0/HPI pins of the TMS320C6418 DSP.

We are developing an universal DSP Board with this DSP and a MSP430F1481 microcontroller serving as host for this system. This µC should initialize the DSP via HPI16, whose pins are multiplexed with GP0[15:8]. As we'd like the board to be universal, we want to use these pins after sucessful initialisation as GP0. The determination wether these pins are used as GP0 or for the HPI interface are determined via low/high of TOUT/!HPI_EN during reset.

As during the HPI boot process only the core is in reset state we therefore like to ask, if it's possible to reconfigure the device after the hpi boot process by pulling up the TOUT/!HPI_EN (and before DSPHINT is set to 1 to start the device) to have the additional GP0 pins available?

Kind regards

  • Hi Fabion,

    That is not possible. The state if the TOUT/HPI_EN takes effect at reset only. 

  • I do not know if this would be guaranteed operation, but something you could try would be to load the program via HPI then reset the DSP again into No Boot mode. After loading the program under HPI Boot mode, change the HPI_EN and also the boot mode to No Boot and reset the DSP again. If you loaded the program to start at address 0, then when it comes out of reset under the No Boot it will start running there.

    This is just a wild idea that I have not completely thought out, but the MSP430 might have all the functionality you need to make this happen.