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PROCESSOR-SDK-J721E: QNX package missing for TI QNX SDK

Part Number: PROCESSOR-SDK-J721E

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We’re trying to reproduce the steps for generating a QNX sd card image for the board j721e_evm but, even though we met the QNX SDP software dependencies, the build step make qnx_fs_create returns the following error because of a missing graphical library:


Seems like a folder /usr/lib/graphics/j721e/ is missing.

Currently we have available in the folder /qnx710/target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics the following folders:

  • Dummy
  • Dummy-debug
  • Jacinto7
  • Jacinto7-debug
  • Vulkan


Searching for similarities we’ve found in QNX software center this package, which contains a folder called /usr/lib/graphics/j721s2/ (very similar to the one needed):


These are the packages that we have currently installed:


Our question is:

  • Is there any similar package called or any possibility of building the sd card image without graphical libraries?


  • Hi Antonio,

    You are on the correct path.  The QNX Screen package that is being installed is not matching up with what the TI SDK installation / build scripts expect.

    The TI SDK Release notes call out what version of QNX BSP and QNX Screen package were tested against.

    For example, PSDK QNX 8.6, Release notes, Software Dependencies at 4.1. Release notes - 08_06_00 — Processor SDK QNX J721E (, shows the Download dependencies. 

    Expectation is that if the Screen Package listed in the Software Dependencies section of whichever SDK is being tested, is installed, the directory path issue seen above will be resolved.



  • Thanks for your answer.

    As can be seen in the last image that I posted, I have already installed those packages with the exact versions mentioned. Those packages only adds the folders Dummy* and Jacinto7* to the path /target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics. None of those packages creates a folder called j721e.

    As we said, we only have found a similar package that contains a folder called j721s2 instead.

  • Thank you for the follow up,

    Will check with TI internal team and QNX/Blackberry team and update this thread.   

    In the meantime if you are certain the correct J721E package is being downloaded from Qnx Software Center, and if it appears the installation is going to the /target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics directory, to move forward, you could try manually creating the /target/qnx7/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics/j721e directory, and copy the contents from /target/qnx/aarch64le/usr/lib/graphics manually.  This would allow the TI SDK to proceed without modification.



  • Thanks for your support, for now I proceeded by commenting the usage of that libraries. Once we have a solution for this I can get it back as stock.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Antonio,

    In the image that was previously provided, the Screen version (build ID) is not listed, it would have been on the far right of the screen shot, which has been cut off. 

    Looking to understand which version of the J721E Screen package is currently being used in your setup.  Can you please provide and/or confirm that Build Id 137 is the Screen being used.



  • Hi, this is my plist:

  • Thanks Antonio,

    The below line is causing the issue,and will install to the "jacinto7" folder as opposed to the "j721e" folder, which the TI SDK is expecting. 

    TI SDK release notes have been updated to correct the naming convention for package to be used, but to resolve the issue being seen, please reach out to your local  (or remote) QNX/Blackberry contact  o  "request access to Screen 3.2 build 137 " for the J721E device.