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AM5716: cpuiidle test stops in Board_watchdogDisable()

Part Number: AM5716


This is related with the followings thread.

I built the following source and got binary.
source C:\ti\sdk_am5716\processor_sdk_rtos_am57xx_08_01_00_09\pdk_am57xx_1_0_19\packages\ti\drv\pm\examples\cpuidle\main_a15.c
binary C:\ti\sdk_am5716\processor_sdk_rtos_am57xx_08_01_00_09\pdk_am57xx_1_0_19\packages\ti\binary\pm_cpuidle_testapp\bin\idkAM571x\pm_cpuidle_testapp_a15_0_release.xa15fg

Question 1

In original linker file, pcode and data is placed in DRAM. When I created binary using this linker and tried to loard binary on AM57x on CCS, it failed. Maybe DDR is not initialized.
So I changed the linker file to place code and data SRAM. I attached this linker file. Would you check if there are any issue?

Question 2
I connected XDS110 to AM57 EVM.

This is the EVM I'm using.


I loaded binary to AM57 and ran A15 core. I captured my desktop and attached it below. 

As this video shows

1) When I loaded binary, program counter did not stop at the beginning of main(). After I clicked CPU stop and restart icon, CPU stopped at the beginnig of main(). Is this method OK? Is their any propriate way to load binary ?

2) After 1), CPU started from main() and entered function "Board_watchdogDisable()" , CPU cannot exit from this function and cannot got to the next. Would advise how to fix it to go to the next ?

Thank you.

Best Regards,