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AM6548: An issue with building the Flashwriter app in SDK 7.3.

Part Number: AM6548
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AM6526, UNIFLASH

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the issue we have when we try to rebuild the Flashwriter app in SDK 7.3

My configuration is:
SDK - ti-processor-sdk-rtos-am65xx-evm-07_03_00_09
PDK - pdk_am65xx_07_03_00_54 (processor_sdk_rtos_am65xx_07_03_00_09)

We have our custom board based on Sitara AM6548 SR2.0. (some of the boards were assembled with AM6526 SR2.1.) on which we use QSPI NOR flash as a primary and UART (MCU_UART) as a backup boot device.
Up to now we were using SDK 6.3., but because the secure boot is not supported well for SR2 silicon in SDK 6.3. (problem with SYSFW for HS SR2 silicon) we decided to migrate our application and support for our custom board to SDK 7.3.

We are using the Uniflash tool to write images (SBL, SYSFW, and APP) to our board and currently, we are looking to migrate support for our custom board in the Flashwriter application, but the problem that we notice is that we can not build the Flashwriter application for IDK and EVM boards as we did in SDK 6.3.

Below is given the procedure we used to build the Flashwriter app for the IDK board in SDK6.3.
1) Open the command line in the directory "\ti\pdk_am65xx_1_0_7\packages"
2) Run "pdksetupenv.bat" first
3) Then change the directory to "\ti\pdk_am65xx_1_0_7\packages\ti\board\utils"
4) The last step is to run the following command "gmake ALL_BOARDS=am65xx_idk"
5) After this the new Flashwriter app image for the IDK board is generated under "\ti\pdk_am65xx_1_0_7\packages\ti\board\utils\uniflash\target\bin\am65xx_idk\"

In the SDK 7.3 the main makefile which was under "\ti\pdk_am65xx_1_0_7\packages\ti\board\utils", and which is in charge of building Flashwriter images, was removed and we are not sure how to build the Flashwriter image in the SDK 7.3.

Can you help us and give us instructions on how to build the Flashwriter app in SDK7.3.?

Best regards,

  • Hello Novica,
    I'm filling in for my colleague who is currently out of office.
    Have you looked at this link?

  • Hello Hong,

    I have a look at this chapter "6.4.10. Rebuilding Uniflash Flash Programmer" but the results were the same in all SDKs, I am not able to rebuild Uniflash Flash Programmer for any of the supported AM65xx boards.

    I tried to build Uniflash Flash Programmer for IDK and EVM AM65xx boards in the RTOS SDK7.1., SDK7.3. and SDK8.02. If I follow the procedure that you sent me each time when I try a have the following results:

    We are using RTOS SDK for Windows, but I try to install the same SDK version (for Linux) under Ubuntu and to follow the same procedure to rebuild Flash Programmer but I received the same message "Nothing to be done for am65xx board_utils_uart_flash_programmer"

    Q1: Did you try to follow "6.4.10. Rebuilding Uniflash Flash Programmer" on your side, were you able to rebuild Flash Programmer successfully? 

    I'm not sure if are you aware that the support to build the Flash Programmer (Flashwriter app) for AM65 has been removed with the following commit:

    Moreover, in SDK7 and SDK8 the corresponding makefile has been removed completely from the PDK, see my previous post above 

    Best regards,

  • Hello Novica,

    Sorry for delayed response.

    Support for flash programmer build exists in the latest release as well but is integrated with top level make file. Can you please try below command. There is no need to run pdksetupenv.bat

    gmake BOARD=am65xx_evm CORE=mcu1_0 board_utils_uart_flash_programmer

    - Pratap.

  • Hello Pratap,

    Thank you for the answer, this solves our problem!

    In the end, it was just a documentation issue.

    In uniflash.html#rebuilding-uniflash-flash-programmer it is documented (same for SDK8.2)

    # make BOARD=<Board Name> board_utils_uart_flash_programmer

     But then as you wrote to us the command must have "CORE=mcu1_0" argument so compiling can be done successfully

    # make BOARD=<Board Name> CORE=mcu1_0 board_utils_uart_flash_programmer

    Thank you for your help

    Best regards,