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PROCESSOR-SDK-AM64X: AM64X-EVM network module I2C read address

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I am now running the network module routines. All routines (such as C:\ti\mcu_plus_sdk_am64x_09_01_00_41\examples\networking\lwip\enet_cpsw_socket) must change the I2C Address here to 0x68 before the program can run, otherwise an error will be reported.

Enabling clocks!
Assertion @ Line: 364 in syscfg/ti_board_config.c: ENET_GET_NUM_MAC_ADDR(numMacMax) <= ENET_BOARD_NUM_MACADDR_MAX : failed !!!

But according to my understanding, this place should be the address of EEPROM, then its address is 0X50, and 0x68 is the location of RTC, and all routines use 0x50. I run the routine here C:\ti\mcu_plus_sdk_am64x_09_01_00_41 \examples\drivers\i2c\i2c_read is normal for reading 0x50 data

1 Why can’t I use 0x50 in the network module?

2 Will it affect my program if I use 0x68?