SK-AM62B-P1: What is the difference between Flash SOC Initialization Binary and SOC Initialization Using SPL?

Part Number: SK-AM62B-P1

Hi Expert,

Flash SOC Initialization Binary is initialized through CCS, and SOC Initialization Using SPL is initialized through SD card?
SOC Initialization Using SPL refers to the respective initialization of A53 (using SD card) and Flash SOC Initialization BinaryM4F (using CCS)?



  • Hi Daniel,

    Flash SoC Initialization Binary => This initializes the SoC using the MCU+ SDK SBL NULL bootloader.

    SOC Initialization Using SPL => This initializes the SoC using the U-Boot & Linux from the Processor SDK.

    In both the cases, the M4F core is initialized. Afterwards, the CCS can be used to load/run the examples on the M4F core.