AM623: ePWM issue

Part Number: AM623

Hi experts

1. How to achieve controlled output of ePWM pulse count
2. PWM processing encoder signal as input count, is handled through DMI or interrupt?

  • Hi Ethan, just confirming you are using AM62x 9.2 MCU-SDK, right? If so,

    1) Please check our MCU-SDK examples and let us know if there is a particular configuration that you need. EPWM examples' path: C:\ti\mcu_plus_sdk_am62x_09_02_00_38\examples\drivers\epwm 

    2) From C:\ti\mcu_plus_sdk_am62x_09_02_00_38\examples\drivers\epwm\epwm_duty_cycle\epwm_duty_cycle.c I see we are using interrupts. I will check with our developers if DMA example for EPWM running on M4 is in current roadmap.

    thank you,