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sys/bios linker command file issue

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am using CCS, sys/bios and xdctools

I need to use my own linker command file instead of automatically generated file in the location ..\Debug\configPkg

I do not want to modify the default linker command file, i want to remove it and make it never generated again and  use my own file.

Is this possible, if it is, please let me now how.

Best Regards 

  • I should add that i am using RDK-IDM-L35 board which has LM3S1958 Stellaris MCU.

  • Doruk,
    you can use your linker command file by setting the parameter Program.linkTemplate to point to your linker command file. This will not prevent generation of the default linker command file, but the generated file will not be used.
    Be sure to replicate the important content from the generated file. It includes libraries from RTSC packages, and your file has to do the same thing. Otherwise, you won't be able to build. Also, if your configuration changes so that some new packages are added, you'll have to review again the libraries added to the generated file.

    What are you trying to do? There could be better ways to achieve the same effect without any manual copying of code from one file to another.

  • Dear Sasha,

    Thank you  for your quick reply.

    I got used to work with startup_ccs.c file before i install sys/bios to my system. Together with linker command file, everything was fine with memory management and interrupt vector table. 

    Because i am not very familiar with sys/bios, i am not using hardware interrupt and memory management setting properties of sys/bios gui. I am trying to use startup_ccs.c to config the hardware interrupts but in this case i am getting some errors related to the memory management. This is probably because i can not locate the interrupt vector table to the memory properly.  

    Also, i need to change the start address of the program memory to use bootloader. But i could not even try to modify the generated linker command file.

    I do not want to give up using startup_ccs.c and my own linker command file because i have better control on them  ((:

    What are your suggestions ?

  • Doruk,
    the first option, which I would recommend, is to get familiar with the SYS/BIOS interrupt and memory management. Check Sections 6 and 7.2 of the SYS/BIOS User's Guide in the docs directory of your SYS/BIOS installation. It will take some effort but in the long run it will be easier than working around dependencies between interrupts and other modules in SYS/BIOS.

    Changing the entry point is explained here: One of the proposed solutions still requires you to create an additional linker command file, but that file is very small and you don't need to disable the generated one.

    There is still option to use your own linker command file, using steps I described in my previous post.