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Android JB Image cannot boot on Beaglebone Black.

Sorry, for my poor English. (cuase I'm Japanease)

I  download the Android JB Image which is in the bellow TI Devkit Page for BBB.

The way to install to my uSD is bellow command.

# sudo ./ /dev/sdc

then, I am ready to poweron that  insert to my BBB and pluged HDMI, and power on.

But, my BBB cannot boot Android...

BBB' s LED (for access uSD?) is blinking at poweron, but immediately down it.

have I got any wrong step ??

is there anyone who booting android is success, so woud you tell me to avoid my mistake.


  • Hello,

    Can you check if you press Switch 'S2 while powering on the BeagleBone Black by connecting power cable to (P1)?



  • Arun, thank you for reply.

    I did both powering with S2 oning & without. but, HDMI display have not output anything.

    I have use barrel  power connector(P1).

    Can you boot up with image of beaglebone black on this page?

    I think that didn't any special command... I only did that "./ /dev/sdc"


  • First, the way in wiki guide to build emmc image isn't right. build.prop does NOT have the required 644 root root permission and would be skipped during init.

    I fixed this problem by cp system files to mounted ext4 image file as root and without -p.

    Second, add three lines of 'on fs' mount into init.rc isn't sufficient. I have not figured it out yet. I got following message in logcat and the system is hanging up with screen (LCD cape 7) flashing the android logo. 

    Please HELP! and Please provide working prebuilt fastboot image for beaglebone black. Then we can check the difference file by file.

    E/dalvikvm( 397): cannot mountExternalStorage(): Invalid argument
    E/dalvikvm( 397): VM aborting
    E/dalvikvm( 397): Failed to mount /mnt/shell/emulated/0 to /storage/emulated/0: Invalid argument
    F/libc ( 397): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadd00d (code=1), thread 397 (zygote)
    I/ActivityManager( 317): Start proc for broadcast pid=397 uid=10042 gids={50042, 3003, 1015, 1023, 1028}
    I/DEBUG ( 72): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
    I/DEBUG ( 72): Build fingerprint: 'Android/beagleboneblack/beagleboneblack:4.2.2/JDQ39/'
    I/DEBUG ( 72): Revision: '0'
    I/DEBUG ( 72): pid: 397, tid: 397, name: zygote >>> zygote <<<
    I/DEBUG ( 72): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr deadd00d
    I/DEBUG ( 72): r0 00000000 r1 00000000 r2 deadd00d r3 00000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): r4 4084a1b0 r5 0000020c r6 00000001 r7 00000002
    I/DEBUG ( 72): r8 411df2c0 r9 00000000 sl 0000273a fp 0000273a
    I/DEBUG ( 72): ip 00004000 sp beaf15e0 lr 4012a0d9 pc 407e1bc0 cpsr 60000030
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d0 74726f6261204d56 d1 6c616e726574786e
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d2 40de70000000a375 d3 411dc000411dc06c
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d4 00000006ffffffff d5 0000001800100103
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d6 003f500000000014 d7 3eaaaaab3f800000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d8 0000000000000000 d9 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d16 0000000300000002 d17 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d18 0000000000000000 d19 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d20 3fc554e7eb0eb47c d21 3e66376972bea4d0
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d22 3f4de16b9c24a98f d23 3fb0f4a31edab38b
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d24 3fede16b9c24a98f d25 3fe55559ee5e69f9
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d26 0000000000000000 d27 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d28 0000000000000005 d29 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): d30 0000000000000000 d31 0000000000000000
    I/DEBUG ( 72): scr 80000090

  • what's the matter??

    I think you wrong the post...

  • Is there one who works well the Android JB from the pre-built image throu built in HDMI ?

  • HDMI worked sometimes on my BBB. XD

  • oh...sometimes.. : )

    Today, I bought the FTDI module. So, I found out that Android was boot up well.

    This is HDMI out put issue.

    Is the image at "TI's page not available to through out HDMI port ??


  • Hi,

    Are you trying to reboot/reset with the HDMI cable connected? This will not properly reset the HDMI chip. To reset HDMI chip, you have to plug out and plug in the power cable.

  • JB for BBB default HDMI output is 1280x720@60 and reduce blanking.

    Maybe your display device not support.

    Suggest you can change the output to 1024x768@60 .

    Output resolution define in kernel/drivers/video/da8xx-fb.c , you can find the lcd_panels[] array.

    The BBB hdmi output setting in kernel/arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-am335xevm.c , you can find the hdmi_pdata struct.

  • Hello Takio,

    I would like to know how you fix this issue.

    I also have the same problem. Please help me, I can not display the Android OS in my HDMI monitor nor to my Cape.

  • Hi Has this issue been resolved. I have the same problem on my BBB. The BBB boots in to android but there is no HDMI output. I have used a non TI android image and that works OK with hdmi
  • @Mark

    Can you please share the non-TI android image you used?