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Unable to change default u-boot environment on AM335x-EVMSK

I've successfully been able to boot my AM335x-EVMSK via ethernet (kernel and root filesystem), using the following commands from the u-boot prompt.

setenv serverip
setenv bootfile zImage
setenv fdtfile am335x-evmsk.dtb
setenv rootpath /am-rootfs

I'm pretty sure that also setting "bootcmd=run netboot" would cause this to automatically happen, if I could get these variables to save into the u-boot environment.

I can't get that to work, though. I tried "saveenv", and I'm told the environment is saved, but when I reboot, those variable are gone. I've also created a uEnv.txt (int *nix format with a newline at the end of the file) with these variables, on the DOS partition of the SD card, but that doesn't seem to work either.

How do I make these persistent, so my device boots via ethernet automatically?

  • Hi Steve,

    The AM335x StarterKit doesn't have a NAND flash, so the "saveenv" command only prints the following:

    U-Boot# saveenv
    Saving Environment to NAND...
    Erasing redundant NAND...
    Attempt to erase non block-aligned data
    Erasing NAND...
    Attempt to erase non block-aligned data

    This doesn't mean that the environment is saved.

    Instead try using the uEnv.txt file you created on the /boot partition of your SD card. You just have to load the environment from it first. The default boot command will try to load the uEnv.txt file from the SD card anyway and then search for a "uenvcmd" to execute.

    Make sure you have defined a "uenvcmd" variable inside the uEnv.txt file, which does the steps you described above automatically.

    Best regards,