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About MSP432 external crystal question

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1. I want to use ext clock source  48MHz on MSP432, the SW is based on TI-RTOS , how to configure the init code for ext clock source?
2. Can I use single-end source clock on MSP432,if it's possible,how to connect and setting it ?

  • Hi Ashley,

    Just out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you want a 48MHz clock as an external input instead of the 48MHz clock from the internal DCO?  Do you need synchronized clocks in your system?  I want to understand your use case so that I can give you the appropriate support.

    As for the single-ended source, I am not sure.  I would recommend you post this question to the MSP432 specific forum, they are the MSP432 experts and can give you better advice (MSP432 forum link: here).  


    -- Emmanuel

  • Hi Emmanuel,
    My team hardware engineer try to use ext clock on target board , but I hasn't find TI-RTOS to configure.
    Can I use ext clock in MSP432 on TI-RTOS , if it's possible,how setting it ?
  • Hi Ashley, besides getting more hardware information on the MSP432 forum, here's how you would set a the timer(If you're planning on using one) and BIOS CPU to the correct frequency.

    Add the following code to your applications' configuration file:

    var Timer = xdc.useModule('');
    Timer.intFreq.hi = 0;
    Timer.intFreq.lo = 48000000;


    var BIOS = xdc.useModule('ti.sysbios.BIOS');
    BIOS.cpuFreq.hi = 0;
    BIOS.cpuFreq.lo = 48000000;

    If you have any questions regarding this information you may also refer to the SYSBIOS API documentation within your TIRTOS installation.

  • In addition to the information above, you may also reference the ClockFreqs module for the MSP432 which demonstates, in detail, how to change the clock frequencies for the device.

    You can find it in your TIRTOS/SYSBIOS installation, or from here:

    and navigate to ti->sysbios->family->arm->msp432->ClockFreqs.


  • Also note that if you're using an external clock source, it is not currently supported by our power driver for the MSP432. As such, you should fully disable it in your applications' board.c file by setting both enablePolicy and enablePerf to false.