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Using DSP codecs on AM57x


We are planning to use codecs available at on AM57x/PSDK by integrating them with DSP-DCE. We believe the codecs libraries should work without needing a recompilation as long as we integrate them correctly into DSP-DCE.

Let us know if you foresee any problems with the approach


  • Hi,

    The software team have been notified. They will comment here.
  • Hi Darshan,
    If the RTSC packages for these codecs are proper, then not much effort is required for integrating dsp_dce. Only dsp_dce.cfg needs to be updated for new codec.
    but I am seeing ce directory is missing in the packages or may be required files are in different place.

    If the dsp decoders follow IVIDDEC2, then already this is supported.

    The issue you may see here in below scenario.
    1) Current memory allocation for dsp-dce is 2MB for code, 2MB of data and 40 MB for heap. You may need to adjust this , if this is not sufficient.
    2) If the codec has a new interface(for ex: mpeg4 encoder IVIDENC and jpegdec IIMGDEC1), then you will have to add these interface support
    in dsp_dce as well as in libdce userspace library.
    3) I am seeing H264HPENC and HEVCEncoder follow IVIDENC2 interface while all IVAHD encoders also follow IVIDENC2.
    In this scenario libdce may need some hack to differenciate between IVA and DSP VIDECN2_ calls from application.
  • Hi Ramprasad,

    Thanks for your response.
    Regarding "but I am seeing ce directory is missing in the packages or may be required files are in different place.", if in case some files are missing, how to identify and generate the missing files?

  • Hi Darshan,

    In addition, you will need to check the codec datasheet and install all the supporting software component with the mentioned version on the DSP side.

    Framework Component (FC) version
     SYS/BIOSTM version
     Code Generation Tool version 7.4.0
     XDC Tools version
     BIOS IPC version
     XDAIS version
     EDMA3 LLD version


  • Hi Darshan,

    I'm trying to integrate the jpegdec IIMGDEC1 codec into dsp-dce and libdce, I'm able to add create() and control() API properly, but when i try to do the same for process() API, I'm getting the error as "rpmsg_rpc rpmsg-dce-dsp: xlate[3] offset is larger than data area! (sec_offset = 3069882381 size = 23)" , in this case do i need to adjust the current memory allocation for dsp-dce which is 2MB for data area, if yes then will you please let me know how to change it, i tried changing in the dsp_config file but didnt work.