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Regarding OMAP-L138 and C6748 overshoot and undershoot values


Under absolute maximum ratings, AC transient overshoot/undershoot values is mentioned as 'DVDD + 20% up to 20% of signal period'.

For example, if DVDD = 3.3V and signal period = 0.1us (10MHz), then transient overshoot specification would be 3.3V + 20% (=3.96V) for 0.02us.

How should I calculate undershoot transient specification?  Is it that -0.2V swing is allowed below 0V for 0.02us?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Awaiting for your reply . . .


Archana Rao

  • The size of the over/undershoot is the same: 20% of DVDD for DVDD=3.3V.  So to elaborate:

    • Overshoot: DVDD + 0.2*DVDD
    • Undershoot: VSS - 0.2*DVDD

    So for DVDD=3.3V, you end up with an absolute max of 3.96V and an absolute min of -0.66V, provided that the duration meets the guidelines.