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Starterware: BBB Running Startware first application

Tool/software: Starterware


I trying to test a first application with the RTOS for Beaglebone Black with StarterWare for AM335x Sitara processors from Linux and I am unable to run a first test.

I merged the Beaglebone Black patch's folder files into the StarterWare's folder and now I would like to run the first test application.

The Quick Start Guide (also available as PDF doc) redirects to this tutorial in order to make the SD, referring to the tool HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool v2.0.6 Portable. It doesn't refer to Linux, so I formatted the SD with the following script:

#/bin/sh DEV=$1 { echo ',200,b' echo ',,83' echo ; } | sfdisk ${DEV} -uM --force # make FAT partition mkdosfs -I ${DEV}1 -F 32 -n BOOT #make ext4 partition mkfs.ext4 ${DEV}2 -L rootfs

Then following the instructions for the Quick Start Guide:

  • The bootloader binary image (boot.bin) appended with the TI Image Header at the beginning is named as MLO. This is available at "\binary\armv7a\cgt_ccs\am335x\beaglebone\bootloader\Release_MMCSD\".
  • The demo application image (demo.bin) appended with the TI Image Header at the beginning is named as 'app'. This is available at "\binary\armv7a\cgt_ccs\am335x\beaglebone\demo\Release\

I copied the contents of \binary\armv7a\cgt_ccs\am335x\beaglebone\bootloader\Release_MMCSD into the BOOT partition, and the contents of \binary\armv7a\cgt_ccs\am335x\beaglebone\demo\Release\ into the rootfs partition and into the BOOT partition as well.

However, after putting the SD and turning on the board, I can't see anything on the UART debug console.

So what I am doing wrong ? Could you please help to solve this issue ?

Thank you in advance.