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TMS320C54V90: Difference between TMS320C542PGE1 and TMS320C542PGE2

Part Number: TMS320C54V90
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320LC542

We have the (very) old DSP TMS320C542PGE1  in an old railway product. Now, for re-building the product we have got the type TMS320C542PGE2. Nothing works. Who knows the difference? Is it important from the electrical point of view?

Thanks for any reply.

  • Hi Klaus,

    This is an old part, which makes it difficult to support.
    It appears TI removed the product page with technical documents and errata.

    The only mention of TMS320C542PGE1 or TMS320C542PGE2 is in the PACKAGING INFORMATION section (dated 1-Jan-2017) of an older datasheet I found on DigiKey, LC54x, VC54x._rC.pdf

    The same datasheet from (pacakge information dated 28-Jul-2018) does not include TMS320C542PGE1 or TMS320C542PGE2.

    I cannot find any details about differences between PGE1 and PGE2 in these documents either.

    TMS320C54x DSP Reference Set

    TMS320C54x DSP CPU Reference Guide

    Can you confirm that you did not receive the TMS320LC542 instead of the TMS320C542?

    I will see if I can find any differences from the packaging team.

  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    I can confirm that the devices have the Marking-Code TMS320C542 (not LC).

    This week we will make an exchange of the DSP's on the board (we ordered 4 Types TMS320C542 PGE1, Broker market).

    I will inform you abot the result.

    Hopefully, the test will show where the problem has to be searched.

    Kind Regards from Hamburg.

    Klaus Sanders, Asteelflash Design Solutions.

  • Hello Mark,

    we just exchanged the DSP on our Board: The type TMS320C542 PGE2 has been exchanged by TMS320C542 PGE1. Result: Now the board is working fine.

    Therefore, it seems that ther is a functional difference between the two types. To proove this statement, we will do this procedure a second time on a second board.

    Please, if you see the chance to get official information about the two types (TMS320C542PGE1 and TMS320C542PGE2), we woul be very happy.

    Thank you for your support. Kind regards from Hamburg.

    Klaus Sanders Asteelflash Design Solutions.

  • Hi Klaus,

    Very interesting. Let us know the results of the second swap experiment.

    All TI packages went through MSL qualification based on JEDEC J-STD-020E.
    You must consider the shelf life of the device and conditions the devices have been stored in. For example, the humidity indicator card (HIC) within a sealed bag might indicate baking is required. Refer to the above JEDEC specification.

    Additionally, we recommend you only purchase devices directly from TI or from one of our authorized distributors. We are not able to provide further analysis relative to the units you have. You did not quite give us the full (previously) orderable part #s, but the product is no longer in production as it was replaced by other products we offer. Units were last shipped in 2014.

  • Hello Mark,

    we received 4 DSP's TMS320C542-PGE1 and replaced again on two boards the devices. Result: the bards are working fine.

    Therefore, either there is a difference in function between xxx-PGE2 and xxx-PGE1 or the devices xxx-PGE2 which we have got from the broker-market are bad/demaged.

    It would be very helpful if we can get an information about the difference in order code: TMS320C542PGE1 and TMS320C542PGE2. Also the 'LC'-type (TMS320LC542) had been availabel as xxx-PGE1 or xxx-PGE2.

    Do you see any chance to get the information? If not, let me know. I can understand this.

    I like to thank you very much for any reply.

    Regards from Hamburg, Asteelflash Design Solutions.

    Klaus Sanders.

  • Hi Klaus,

    Clearing my backlog. Sorry for the delay.

    From what I was able to gather, both TMS320C542PGE1-40 and TMS320C542PGE2-40 were basically built and tested the same except the -PGE1 is slightly higher temp device.

    Were you able to isolate any other reason why replacing the parts makes a difference?