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Linux/ANDROIDSDK-SITARA: AM5728 android Building SGX Kernel Module

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AM5728

Tool/software: Linux


Please tell me.

I follow the procedure below the website

but  SGX Kernel Module Building  issue stop  the my project.

I have two questions about AM5728.Android SDK build

   1.export path

SDK  not include arm-linux-androideabi-4.9.x-google files. 
Do I need to get it from anywhere?

2.lunch command
I see the below E2E comment.

Did you set ANDROID_ROOT, OUT_DIR and TARGET_DEVICE in your environment correctly?

$ source build/
$ lunch

Is this command the same as for AFS?

my case is

lunch am57xevm_full_userdebug



  • Hello Takai,

    Could you please share which PSDK Android you are using? In 5.2, the cross compiler will be "". In 4.0, the cross compiler will be "android-devkit/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9.x-google/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-" (Please refer to relevant Rules.make file)

    In order to build the Android FS, please refer to the following threads: thread1 and thread2



  • Hi,Krunal.

    Thank you for kindness.
    I used sdk version Your advice has been reflected.
    But, I am still warned "Did you set ANDROID_ROOT, OUT_DIR and TARGET_DEVICE in your environment correctly?"
    Is there a setting method"ANDROID_ROOT" ?
  • Hello Takai,

    I do not see any warnings about ANDROID_ROOT, OUT_DIR and TARGET_DEVICE and please confirm the following build steps:

    cd ~/<AFS_DIR>
    export KERNELDIR=<path to kernel dir>
    . build/
    lunch am57xevm_full-userdebug
    make -j<x>

    All my output files are located under <AFS_DIR>/out/target/product/am57xxevm.

  • Hi,Krunal.

    I am confused.
    Your procedure is an AFS build procedure, is not it?
    I want to know "Building SGX Kernel Module"
  • Hi Takai,

    In order to build the SGX Kernel module, please follow the following build steps:
    1. Navigate to the folder "<AFS_DIR/vendor/ti/dra7xx"
    2. git checkout git-ti-com/sgx-km-from-source
    3. git checkout HEAD~1 (Ensure Commit ID=493daaec1e59310ccbd342fdd918d069e495b769)
    4. Navigate to the folder "<AFS_DIR>" and make