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TMDSEVM5517: How to enable two codec in EVM5517

Part Number: TMDSEVM5517


I am willing to enable two codec in EVM5517. I modified sample code name "CSL_I2S_AudioCodec_DMA" from CSL example code by setting SEL_I2C_S0 = 0 and SEL_I2C_S1 = 1 via ioExpander_Write and only define INSTANCE0_I2S. My intention is to check whether changing the mux selection to I2C_SDA_DUAL and I2C_SCL_DUAL able to give I2C data to CODEC 1 before i proceed to further change the sample code. After i run the code, i get this message "ERROR: Unable to initialize AIC3204" and "Can't find a source file at "/tmp/TI_MKLIB4kQNZn/SRC/exit.c"". May i know what codec setting i need to change or is there any reference document or sample code that show how to enable two codec? 

i do see others asking similar question but seem like the given suggestion do not work and the thread is lock without solution. 

  • HI, 

    Just to let you know that this is not a quick answer without digging in. We have been working internally to see if anyone knows on how, but not been able yet. Hopefully we can have someone who can come up an answer for you.


  • Hi,

    I recommend you get the two codecs working with polling mode before advancing to DMA mode. An even better first step would be to get each codec working independently before using both at the same time

    Refer to CSL example: c55_csl_3.08.01\ccs_v6.x_examples\i2s\CSL_I2S0_I2S2_Mono_Example

    Both codecs are identical and share the same I2C address - this is the reason why we mux the I2C to each codec. The purpose of I2C_SDA_DUAL and I2C_SCL_DUAL is to send the I2C signals to both codecs simultaneously - this might be useful to start or stop the codecs at the same time. But it will become a problem if the codecs are expected to respond on the shared I2C lines. Recommend avoiding I2C_SDA_DUAL and I2C_SCL_DUAL until both codecs are working independently.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the signal muxing, DIP switch settings, or IO expander outputs on the EVM to configure the 2 codecs. I

    You might also find useful the examples from Spectrum Digital: Download Target Content, then look under evm5517_v1\tests

    Hope this helps,