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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-DRA8X-TDA4X: How to enable DMA in OSPI and improve OSPI read performance in SBL and BootApp?


This article explains how to enable DMA in OSPI and improve OSPI read performance in SBL and BootApp for TDA4xVM.

  • The SBL and Boot application currently uses non-DMA mode for reading from OSPI flash in PSDKRA6.2 and PSDKRA7.0 release. When firmware images are large, it takes a lot of time in reading these images from OSPI.

    The two patches in the attached zip file enables the DMA for OSPI flash. Please follow steps to enable DMA in OSPI flash

    1. Apply '0001-PDK-5691-SBL-support-external-OSPI-DMA-usage.patch' patch on psdk_rtos_auto_j7_07_00_00_11\pdk_jacinto_07_00_00\ folder
    2. Apply '0001-MCAL-4816-Boot-App-Add-support-for-boot-with-OSPI-DM.PATCH' patch on psdk_rtos_auto_j7_07_00_00_11\mcusw folder
    3. Enable flag SBL_USE_DMA for sbl_ospi_img/sbl_cust_img and sbl_lib_ospi/sbl_lib_cust in the psdk_rtos_auto_j7_07_00_00_11\pdk_jacinto_07_00_00\packeges\ti\boot\sbl\ file
    4. Rebuild SBL using 
      1. make -s -j4 BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 BUILD_PROFILE=release pdk_libs
      2. make -s -j4 BOARD=j721e_evm CORE=mcu1_0 BUILD_PROFILE=release sbl_ospi_img/sbl_cust_img
    5. Set flag ENABLE_OSPI_DMA to yes in psdk_rtos_auto_j7_07_00_00_11\mcusw\mcuss_demos\boot_app_mcu_rtos\makefile file
    6. Go to psdk_rtos_auto_j7_07_00_00_11\mcusw\build folder and rebuild Boot Application using
      1. make -s -j4 can_boot_app_mcu_rtos BOARD=j721e_evm SOC=j721e BUILD_PROFILE=release CORE=mcu1_0 BUILD_OS_TYPE=tirtos