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66AK2H06: part long term status, EVM status, dev tools

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May I ask experts to clarify of 66AK2H06 part long term status. We are considering new instrument based on that processor, so we'd like to be sure it will be available for another, say, decade.

Next question is about evaluation board. We'd like to assemble a prototype using evaluation boards to decide viability of the idea. There is link to EVM on page, but lands to 404. I've filed web support ticket already. I see this EVM at and what makes me worry is that part is marked as obsolete. Please clarify what does that mean.

We need to connect that processor to FPGA over PCIe link. As I see, there is only AMC blade on the EVM. Could you please recommend, what could be used to to get PCIe connector, either blade or socket.

On Advantech web site EVM page is linked MCSDK, which is not maintained anymore. Quick search tells this processor seems to be supported in Processor SDK. We'd better hear expert's confirmation about that.

Thank you.

  • Hi rrlagic

    The K2H family is active and I do not see any concerns on EOL yet. Please refer to the TI Quality Policies around product withdrawal/discontinuance on the following website

    K2H EVMs are short in supply and being currently rebuild. They will likely remain under firewall to limit the # of orders from any single customer. Additionally these EVMs have a BMC that is EOL and essentially to build more boards beyond this build will require us to redesign - we will evaluate the redesigning this board end of 2021. You will see that we have several devices that have are active but their tools or software may not get refreshed - but that does not imply EOL/Obsolescence. 

    The official SDK for K2H is PSDK (McSDK is the legacy SDK) , and you will find that on the product page under the software development tab

    Hope that helps alleviate your concerns. 



  • Thanks Mukul,

    That looks promising. May I ask about PCIe connectivity? We have FPGA evaluation board with blade connector, and some PCIe cables to  connect like blade to socket, but can  find other combinations as well. Could you please recommend, how do we get PCIe out of AMC?


  • Hello rrlagic

    Please see the following older E2E posts on this topic

    The only solution we are aware of is the following

    Do note that there are no out of box drivers for this card. 

    As a side note, thank you for the support/responses you provide to our customers on the multicore device family . We appreciate the participation.


  • Thanks, I see.

    Drivers are not of concern, we do develop FPGA side ourselves, and handle all the mappings and translations.

    My colleagues suggest that AMC socket is available for purchase, so skilled technician can solder just dozen of wires out of PCIe flat cable.