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[FAQ] DRA829V/TDA4VM: How can I check if cache is enabled or not for R5F

Part Number: TDA4VMDRA829V
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSBIOS

I want to check if R5F's Instruction and Data Cache is enabled or not.

Attaching the System Register. Please help me check if I can get the above information from the System Registers:

  • Hi ,

    If you check the R5F TRM ( ) section 4.3.16 c1, System Control Register, you will see the following:

    1. 12th Bit (I bit) determines if the I cache is enabled or not

    2. 2nd Bit (C bit) determines if the D cache is enabled or not

    This register can be read from CCS via the Register -> System registers -> CP15_SYSTEM_CONTROL register.

    For you application, I see the value as 0x00E5187D - here both the I and the C bits are 1, hence we can confirm that the I cache and the D cache are both enabled.

    On a side note, there is an implementation for the SYSBIOS code at bios_6_83_00_18\packages\ti\sysbios\family\arm\v7r\Cache_asm.sv7R - see ti_sysbios_family_arm_v7r_Cache_getEnabled__E , ti_sysbios_family_arm_v7r_Cache_enableL1d__I and ti_sysbios_family_arm_v7r_Cache_enableL1p__I functions.

    The above mentioned functions also try to get the status of the I and D caches which in this case we are viewing from the CCS System Registers View.



  • Hi,Karan

    Thank you very much for confirming this information for me, it is very useful to me, thanks again!