Inconsistent display of images with transparent background

In this post:, the schematic is a PNG image with transparent background.

When creating or showing the post, the image gets the default white background. But when showing the zoomed-in image, the .image-viewer .image-viewer-inner img element explicitly gets a black background.

For this particular image, this makes the schematic unreadable. There is probably not a color that would work for any random image with a transparent background, but the image viewer should use the same background as the post itself so that users get a correct preview when creating the post.

  • Hello Clemens, 

      Yes, I see what you are referring to, clicking on the schematic, the new image does have a black background and unreadable.  We will have to investigate this issue, and thank you for reporting it.  As a workaround, you can right-click on the expanded image, click the "open imagine in a new tab"


    and you can then see and read the schematic:




  • Hi Clemens, I did some research and it looks like the background automatically adjusts based on the colors in the image when "Insert" functionality in text editor is used. There are too many "neon" colors in the png file and this is why the background was switched from white to black.