access denied to

  • Hello Oliver, 

      Sorry to hear you are having these problems, however, E2E is for engineering and device technical issues, not website issues.  I will investigate where you might be able to receive assistance on this and Reply back to you by Friday this week. 

      One thing I noticed is the url you show is http:// and not https:// as it should be for a secure connection.  

    Also, at the bottom of each page is a banner that has a website link:


    Can you access this? 

    Also, there is a pop-up on first access to for acceptance of Cookie Policy.  Have you responded to this? 



  • I cannot open the Website feedback on the affected network. There are no cookie banners as only a 403 Access Denied gets replied from the CDN.

    In the original post I wrote "https". This forum stripped and modified links in the original post.

  • Hello Oliver, 

    What is the url of the website server you are attempting to access from? 


  • I can use different networks at work. (eg: wired, wifi, guest wifi, iot)
    From the point of view of the website/cdn the difference is most likely the source IP address.
    So access works from some networks (even the very restricted guest/iot), but not from other ones that are not restricted at all.

    My assumption is that one of our IP address ended up on some sort of reputation list and gets blocked automatically. Or maybe one of our users tried for example to download to many files or something like this. There are many reasons traffic gets blocked by CDNs, that is one of their most important use cases to only let through legitimate traffic.
    Unfortunately we are quite limited to debug this further as we only have a reference number from the error message to work with.

    There is a page that I cannot link to. But it is the first result when googling "Why is Akamai blocking me?".
    They also show the same type of error message that I get on
    They also write that:
    * Akamai is unable to make this change without the explicit direction of the site owner.
    * Akamai customers can use this reference number to identify why this request failed.

  • Hello,

    We are also having the same issue at our workplace. We cannot access and we receive an "Access Denied" response citing the reference number 18.4fe5ca17.1642091708.3e1099a0

    Similarly to Oliver, we have also found that the "access denied" webpage is signed by SSL certification and that the problem is not originating from our side/firewall.

    Unfortunately, this is not a solution to the problem, but hopefully some more information will help in troubleshooting the issue

  • Hello Jesse, 

    Please Sign out, clear cookies/cache on the browser and try again.  


  • Hello Leonard,

    I followed your advice and it seemed the problem went away (for the past week or so). However, now we are denied access to TI again. Is there a way we can prevent this issue from happening, or are you aware of what could be cause for this issue, so we can avoid it!

    Thanks for your help,


  • For us it was working briefly again, today in the morning it was blocked and now working again.

    This has nothing to do with cookies/cache.