CCS9.3 issue when install MSP430 compiler 19.6


This is the problem I encountered when trying to install MSP Compiler 19.6 with my existing CCS9.1.

FYI...I already have two other TI MSP430 Compiler 18 and 20, I wonder if this is the cause of this problem?

I need install this version of compiler since the imported project is dependent on it.

Thank you for your help!


  • Hello Min,

    Were you able to get the compiler installed?  It looks like it's complaining about Sys-Config, which is a tool mostly used for figuring out pin-outs and generating some configuration code for some of our SimpleLink products.  I'm guessing sys-config was updated with compiler 20, and now maybe trying to revert to an old version and is somehow conflicting...

    Maybe you can install a new instance of code composer in a new folder, and install the required compiler there?  You would have to open different instances for the different compilers, but I think it should work.  

    Let me know.



  • JD,

    Workaround worked!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!