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LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2: Example project not building

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2


I'm trying to build simple_peripheral_cc2640r2lp_oad_onchip_app  and the other projetcs related to OAD from simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_1_50_00_58 using CCS studio, but almost all of them are giving errors. Meanwhile I'm developing another project from the same sdk without any problems. The errors that I got are these:

  • persistent_app_cc2640r2lp:


  • simple_peripheral_cc2640r2lp_oad_onchip_stack

  • Hi,

    #35 #error directive: "***BLE USER CONFIG BUILD ERROR*** Unknown package type!"

    That error looks like there are multiple definitions of "CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL" in your project. There is one in CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL.h and I think the other one is defined under Properties->Build->ARM Compiler->Predefined Symbols. Removing one of those defines should fix the BLE user config error message.

    The error is raised by the following code in ble_user_config.h

    // RF Front End Mode and Bias Configuration
    #if defined( CC26XX )
    #if defined( CC2650EM_7ID )
      #define RF_FE_MODE_AND_BIAS           ( RF_FE_DIFFERENTIAL |                 \
    #elif defined( CC2650EM_5XD ) || defined( CC2650EM_4XD ) || defined( CC2650M5A )
      #define RF_FE_MODE_AND_BIAS           ( RF_FE_DIFFERENTIAL |                 \
    #elif defined( CC2650EM_4XS )
      #define RF_FE_MODE_AND_BIAS           ( RF_FE_SINGLE_ENDED_RFP |             \
                                              RF_FE_EXT_BIAS )
    #elif defined( CC2640R2EM_CXS )
      #define RF_FE_MODE_AND_BIAS           ( RF_FE_SINGLE_ENDED_RFN |             \
                                              RF_FE_EXT_BIAS )
    #else // unknown device package
      #error "***BLE USER CONFIG BUILD ERROR*** Unknown package type!"
    #endif // <board>

    Let us know if it helps,

    Best regards,

  • Thanks! I'll try this here!

  • Hi,

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    Thank you for your comprehension.

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