CC1310: CC1310 RSM package Standby mode not working

Part Number: CC1310


I am using a custom board with CC1310 RSM package, and I am trying to put it in Standby mode, but the current consumption is around 2.5 mA.

I have tried the pinStandby example in the launchpad and it is working. But on the custom board with CC1310 RSM it is not working (I disconnect the jtag..).

I have verified that there is no leakage current because when I adapted the pinShutdown example on the custom board the current was in the micro amps (as expected).

My pin setup is as follows:

IOID_0 2 3 4 not connected

IOID_1 to LED through resistor

IOID_5 7 Digital input (pulled high by an external resistor)

IOID_6 analog input

IOID_8,9 I2C (pulled up externally by 4.7 kohm)

I have verified that all pins are working (tested DIO, tested I2C) so the board.h and relevant .h .c files are changed in a correct way (as far as I can tell).

My question is does the Standby mode work for RSM package. Is there anything special that needs to be done to adapt the examples for the launchpad to the RSM package.

Am I missing something? 

  • This type of issue is typically related to the 32 kHz xtal. The default setting in the CCFG.c file is to use an external 32 kHz xtal. If this for some reason is not mounted or don't start the chip will not be able to go down into standby.

    To debug: Set the LF source in the CCFG.c to be RCOSC and see if the current consumption change.

    From a SW perspective, no changes have to be done changing packet with regards to the 32 kHz clock and standby. 

  • Thank you TER.

    Your suggestion solved it.

    // #define SET_CCFG_MODE_CONF_SCLK_LF_OPTION 0x0 // LF clock derived from High Frequency XOSC
    // #define SET_CCFG_MODE_CONF_SCLK_LF_OPTION 0x1 // External LF clock