CC1352P: Problem with Zigbee OTA process

Part Number: CC1352P
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Hello community,

We are working on an application to control Zigbee, using a CC1352 as a coordinator, and Z-Stack Linux server.

We recently started having a problem with the OTA process. When the device makes the first "Image Block Request", the server does not respond. Previously this did not happen, but in this specific environment this problem began to happen. We first detect it with Ubiqua, and then to verify, we activate the debug in Zigbee to control the log. One of the messages that made us curious is "-> status failed: cmdID: 2, status: 16". Next, we have another log with status = "ZMemError". I do not know what is the cause of the problem, and if these messages have something to do with it. I am attaching the Zigbee log, in case it can be of help. Could you help me to know why the server stops responding to the device?


Thank you very much in advance