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Looking to create ‘the next big thing’? Look no further than TI's Maker and DIY community! Launch your design with TI's low-cost, community-supported development platforms. Begin rapid prototyping applications in minutes with our microcontroller-based LaunchPad kits, Sitara™-processor-powered BeagleBoards and SimpleLink™ wireless connectivity SensorTags.

Launch Your Design with TI MCUs in 2014!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from our family to yours!

We hope you were able to spend the holiday break with loved ones and those close to your heart. Perhaps as an added bonus, you even got some extra time to work on those side projects and designs that you've been meaning to get to!

2013 was filled with exciting news and events - from new tools, development kits and LaunchPads, to Maker Faires around the world. On Jan. 1, 2013, we asked the question: What can you make? What can you build? How can you make your next design bigger, better, faster or smarter? And how did 'making the switch' to TI MCUs help facilitate and accomplish those goals? The spirit of making is important to us at TI because we believe it to be the essence of electronics and engineering!

Attending and meeting customers at DESIGN West and Maker Faires in Hannover, New York and San Jose, and at a variety of other training events around the world, was inspiring. From kids using robotics in the classroom, (powered by MSP430 LaunchPads), to customers evaluating silicon utilizing the Hercules LaunchPad, TI MCUs are being used in all sorts of exciting application spaces.

This past year, the TI MCU team expanded the ever-growing TI LaunchPad Ecosystem. LaunchPad Evaluation Kits were previously only available for the MSP430G2. But with the introduction and addition of the C2000 LaunchPad, InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad, Tiva C Series LaunchPad, Hercules LaunchPads and MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad, our family grew! And with it, the opportunity to introduce TI MCUs to students, electronics enthusiasts and engineers everywhere, all for under $20 USD.

The new LaunchPad website was announced on December 12, 2013, and with it, additional functionality using Upverter, the BYOB (Build Your Own BoosterPack) process, and more. 

Now, anyone can get started with TI's broad portfolio of microcontrollers. Hence, the perfect way to 'launch your design.' Then, share what you've made utilizing the #tilaunchpad hashtag. 

In 2014, we encourage you to continue using TI microcontrollers to fulfill your project's needs. Launch Your Design with TI MCUs - and check back on the blog often for exciting contests, promotions, events and more. 

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Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy new year!